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TISMO DENIM 2S ICEBLUE縲侵OGOYA limited縲 2019.04.21

      蜷榊商螻句コ鈴剞螳啜ISMO SOFA 2S繧偵#邏ケ莉玖エ縺励∪縺吮飭       縲慎ISMO DENIM 2S ICE BLUE縲 Size:W1620テ優820テ幽770mm   莠コ豌励ョ繝繝九Β繧ス繝輔ぃ縺ォ繝悶Μ繝シ繝∝刈蟾・繧呈命縺励√い繧、繧ケ繝悶Ν繝シ縺ョ濶イ縺ォ譟薙a荳翫£縺 蜷榊商螻句コ鈴剞螳壹%縺繧上j縺ョ繧ス繝輔ぃ縺ォ縺ェ繧翫∪縺吶 騾壼クク縺ョ繝繝九Β繧ス繝輔ぃ縺ォ豈斐∋縺ヲ繧医j螟上i縺励¥貂豸シ諢溘ョ縺ゅk莉穂ク翫′繧翫↓縺ェ縺」縺ヲ縺縺セ縺吮飭   辷ス繧縺九↑繝悶Ν繝シ縺梧オキ鬚ィ繧呈─縺倥k繧、繝ウ繝繝ェ繧「繧ウ繝シ繝繧」繝阪シ繝医↓繝斐ャ繧ソ繝ェ縺ァ縺吶hシ   縺薙l縺九i縺ョ蟄」遽縺ォ繝斐ャ繧ソ繝ェ縺ェ繧、繝ウ繝繝ェ繧「繧ウ繝シ繝繧」繝阪シ繝医′讌ス縺励a繧九た繝輔ぃ縺ィ縺ェ縺」縺ヲ縺縺セ縺吶ョ縺ァ縲 譏ッ髱橸シ大コヲ蠎鈴ュ縺ァ縺碑ヲァ縺ォ縺ェ縺」縺ヲ縺ソ縺ヲ荳九&縺縺ュ笙ェ         縲晋TW NAGOYA縲 Instagram:シWTW NAGOYA Twitter:@WTW STYLE TEL:052-414-7085

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