Based on the concept of "URBAN","SURF","NATURAL", WTW sets up a lifestyleshop which offers the relaxed, open-minded daily life, like the chill-time waithing for the wave on the sea, with the unique mixture of urban culture in one's own way.

縲進nformation縲 2019.12.06

  2019/12/28(蝨) 讓ェ豬懊ず繝ァ繧、繝翫せ縺ォ 縲係TW YOKOHAMA縲阪rOPEN縺励∪縺呻シ   繧ェ繝シ繝励Φ繧定ィ伜ソオ縺励◆繧ケ繝壹す繝」繝ォ繧ュ繝」繝ウ繝壹シ繝ウ縺ィ縺励※縲 OPEN蠖捺律縺ィ鄙梧律縺ョ2譌・髢馴剞螳壹〒縲 3,000蜀(遞取栢)莉・荳翫♀雋キ荳翫£縺ョ縺雁ョ「讒倥 蜷譌・蜈育捩100蜷肴ァ倥↓WTW繧ェ繝ェ繧ク繝翫Ν縺ョ 繧ィ繧ウ繝舌ャ繧ー繧偵励Ξ繧シ繝ウ繝茨シ   2020蟷エ6譛域忰縺セ縺ァ縺ョ譛滄俣髯仙ョ壹す繝ァ繝繝励→縺ェ繧翫∪縺吶′縲 逧縺輔∪縺ョ縺疲擂蠎怜ソ繧医j縺雁セ縺。縺励※縺セ縺吮飭

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